Dating Is Too Much: I’ll Settle

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One of the funny things about dating is that, no matter what level, it’s hard work. Like anything – a job, other relationships or simply sending a text – it requires some level of effort. But in today’s world where dating never seems to go past the “talking stage,” I often hear people say, “It’s too much work, so I’m settling.”



I understand the pressure. From the time we were children, our elders always promoted the idea of finding a companion. Somehow, it became equivalent to being an adult and being single became a stigma. Not to mention the biological clock ticking away, adding even more pressure to settle down.


But settling is not the answer and a relationship does not determine your self-worth. When you settle, you compromise yourself and your happiness. By constantly trying to justify the situation, analyzing it in hopes that your partner changes, or comparing your relationship to others, you are actually creating even more “work” for yourself.


You deserve someone who motivates you, spends nights and mornings with you, and looks past your flaws. Avoid settling for someone who is stagnant, plays mind games, lies to you, or leaves you on ‘read’ for the sole purpose of having a body next to you at night. Trust your gut, know better and choose you. Everyday. At all times.


Besides, being single has its benefits. You can flirt freely, go out on a whim with friends, and my personal favorites: sleep in peace at night and not have to answer to anyone. Let’s not forget all of the new Netflix additions you could binge on either.


So don’t be afraid to use this time to build other relationships, strengthen your own foundation and get to know yourself. Don’t let a few bad relationships or dry spells discourage you from finding love, but in the meantime, embrace being alone, be patient, and definitely don’t lower your standards.

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