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Shame The Devil: Top 25 Lies Cheaters Tell


Have you ever been cheated on? Do you remember asking your significant other about something you found suspicious, only to be told you’re crazy and overreacting? Do you remember the excuses they gave you when trying to disguise their mistress (or whatever the male equivalent is)?


Don’t fall victim to a cheater’s lies ever again. Here are Baller Alert’s Top 25 Lies Cheaters Tell.


In no particular order…


1. So, you’re just gonna believe your lying eyes?

2. Believe what you want.

3. We’re just friends.

4. He/She’s like a brother/sister.

5. My phone died.

6. I was at ______’s house.

7. I don’t even look at him/her like that.

8. It wasn’t me.

9. Your friends are just jealous. They want what we have.

10. *Saves number in phone as Pizza Hut*

11. I’ve never cheated on you but you’re going to drive me to cheat if you keep acting crazy.

12. We kissed, but that’s as far as it went.

13. I don’t him/her.

14. You’re the only person I talk to.

15. I’m staying at work late tonight.

16. My sister accidentally left her underwear in my laundry.

17. She/He’s married.

18. I thought we were broken up.

19. I was drunk.

20. I don’t know who that is texting me at 2am.

21. Why can’t you just trust me?

22. I don’t know how she/he got my number.

23. My homeboy gave her my number because he didn’t want his girlfriend to find out.

24. My homeboy left those condoms in my car.

25. That’s your stray hair on the pillow.


Any of those lies sound familiar? What are some of the lies a cheater has told you?

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