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Should I Ask Another Woman For Advice On My Man?

As women, it’s natural for us to seek the advice of our girlfriends when we are having man problems.  Is it possible that our pals, although they mean well, may not be giving us the best advice after all?


When it comes to being a man, no one knows better than a man. In fact, most men are still learning how to be men themselves. So what can your girl tell you about the inner thoughts of a man that you don’t already know or have experienced yourself? There aren’t many women who can tell you what a man is thinking, what his intentions are or what his next move will be. The only advice you should likely take from another woman would be “What would YOU do in this situation?” The minute your friend starts to tell you what ALL men do and what ALL men think, stop her in her tracks because the last time there was a secret Men Of America meeting she was NOT invited.


And what happens when the advice you are given was not given with the best intentions? We all have that friend who is single, slightly bitter, feels you could do better or just doesn’t want to see you with who you are with. Subconsciously she could be sabotaging the very relationship you are trying desperately to hold on to. When you are feeling desperate, you will take any advice, whether it seems to make sense or not. Being that she is your friend, you assume she has your best interests at heart, but what if she doesn’t?


I feel that when you want to get into the head of a man, you ask a man, better yet ask THE man in question. In a relationship, communication is key to survival. You two must be able to talk to eachother before going to talk to anyone else. In my own experience, I have seen that if too many hands are in the pot, something goes wrong very quickly. Too easily can a good relationship go bad because you asked your girl for advice, he asked his boy for advice, and you both got the wrong advice. If there are problems between you two, start with solving them between you two. If there is no solving it, then it probably is time to hang it up anyway.

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