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Show Me Your Love Is Real By Supporting My Business and Stop Asking For Handouts

Want to know if the love from your family and friends is real, then start a business. Everyone can scream all day about how much they love you and how they are always there for you, but when you actually need them-they’re no where to be found.


No matter what you venture off into, whether it’s a boutique, music, etc., the support is supposed to be genuine. But why is it that strangers will support you before your family and friends?


Some people actually see your vision and want to see you truly excel, while others want to see you fall on your face. That is not real support.


Real love comes from actually buying your friend’s products because you see the potential in their vision, not because you feel obligated to. If you are going to support, then support. Stop asking for discounts, freebies, or shortcuts. The same way you want to be paid for your services, trust and believe your friend wants their coins too.


It’s not about being greedy or holding out. It’s about taking the time to research and finding your own way. There’s nothing wrong with guidance, but don’t expect them to do everything for you because of their connections. You have to be willing to work hard for the success.


The problem today is that many feel like they are obligated to reap off your success. Your success is just that and you shouldn’t feel that you owe that to anybody.


“Support your friends. Listen to their ideas. Go to their events. Share their posts. Celebrate their victories and remind them of their importance after failures. Support goes a long way in a person’s life”– Unknown.

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