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Livin’ The Side Chick Life: No Commitment, No Explanations, No Worries

Side chicks have been around for years, and they will continue to linger around as long as men continue to make them an option. The side chick doesn’t have a lot of responsibilities with the man because they are not obligated to do everything the main chick does on a daily basis.

Now, everyone has their opinions of what a side chick is and their roles. But the million dollar question is “Do side chicks know their position?”

When taking on the role of a side-chick, you have to understand that there are no promotions in being a side chick, now get in the bedroom and do what you’re told. A side-chick is at the bottom of the woman sexual ladder. The man will never ask you if they can attend family functions, birthdays, or introduce you to the boys because that’s a straight up “Hell No!”

The side-chick is basically around for comfort when the man is having issues with his woman. On occasions, he hits her up for conversation, affection, and of course sex. Your text messages to each other are always short and very sexual. For example, he may text “What time should you or I cum by?” “Can we finish where we left off?” ” My d*ck big isn’t it?”

According to many side chicks on our Twitter page, they are livin’ the life as a side-chick. They feel that because they do not have to explain their position to anyone and their commitment is not with the men…just the penis!

As I began reading our mentions, many side chicks don’t have a problem being the “option.” One of our readers stated, “If a relationship is based on honesty and communication, what makes you think the side chick is not in a relationship when she’s getting all of that.”

“They are completely honest with side chick. they show their real selves to the side chick. It’s a relationship.”

Would you really consider that a relationship? So, because he told you about the main chick and their issues, he’s the “one” for you. It looks like he has played you into believing all of his lies. What makes you think you are the only side chick?

There are often times that the main chick doesn’t know that there is an issue within their relationship. Nine times out of ten, she doesn’t even know that you exist. But as a side chick, I am sure he fed you a bunch of bull about his girl at a home. You know all about the other woman but yet you are okay with the weekend sex, late night phone calls, and luxury gifts just to shut you up.

Now, lets just say that he does take you on as the main chick in his life. What makes you think he won’t do the same thing to you? Will you still think that side chicks are livin’ the life? Karma is real and she will give you what you deserve, sometimes worst than expected.

If you are okay with living that type of life, then by all means do what makes you “happy.” Just know that being a side chick will take a toll on you and you are going to eventually want more. That is not what he wants to hear, which will cause your fling to be discontinued without “the ring.”

So, are side chicks really livin’ the life they claim to be happy with?

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  1. It’s really not fun being a side chick some where down you start to call for him

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