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Signs of Love Making: Sagittarius Season

Scorpio season has come and gone, and while we love our mysterious Scorpios, it’s now time for the clever Sagittarius’ (November 22nd– December 21st) to shine and celebrate their season.


According to Kelly Roper, at lovetoknow.com, Sagittarius’ are known for their quest for infinite knowledge, constant thrill, and new challenges. Their need to evolve, improve, and constantly grown, makes it difficult to find a partner they are willing to settle down for. However, there are a couple of signs that may have the ability to catch the wandering attention of a Sagittarius;  keep reading to see what signs are most compatible.


Aries: Both Aries and Sag’s have an appreciation for adventure, are turned off by rules, and share an intense love of freedom: making Aries one of the most compatible signs for Sag’s. While at times, Aries can be a bit impulsive and ill-tempered, Sag’s level them out with their sound judgment and responsibility.


Leo: Leo’s are creatures of actions, which make them a good fit for the adventurous and spontaneous Sag. Because Leo’s hardly ever runs out of enthusiasm, and has an energy that keeps life interesting; this couple is likely to enjoy traveling, learning new things, and conquering new adventures.


Libra: Sag’s tend to take the lead in this relationship, which is ok for Libra’s because they are open to compromise for their partner. Both signs have the ability to properly analyze situations together, and make sound relationship decisions. The only issues that may arise between a Libra and Sag love match is that Sag may get too hell bent on sticking to the rules which will annoy a Libra; and Libras tend to give into pressure which irritates a Sag.  


Aquarius: The intellectual nature of an Aquarius fits perfectly with Sag’s love of learning; giving this couple the potential to motivate each other and excel. They also share a level of open mindedness that is extremely beneficial in carrying the relationship through, even when things aren’t right.


 So there you have the four most compatible signs for a Sagittarius. But that definitely doesn’t mean other signs may not work in compatibility; Sag’s work hard for what they want, so even if they aren’t the most compatible with someone, they have the will to make it work. To all my Sag’s, share you’re love experiences with me, do you agree with Roper? Let me know! Up next: Capricorn season!


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