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Baller Alert Exclusive Interview With Snoop Dogg & Martha Stewart

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When you think of two people to whip up your holiday meals, it’s unlikely that Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg come to mind but after personally witnessing the pair laugh, love and break bread, I can attest that they are truly a match made in heaven.

Baller Alert chatted with Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart about their upcoming cooking show, Martha & Snoop’s Dinner Partypremiering November 7th, at 10pm ET on VH1.

“She loves people, and I love people. It’s a natural holy matrimony when we come together because we love and respect life,” says Snoop describing his friendship with Stewart.

Snoop Dogg 45, and Martha Stewart 75, first made TV magic together in 2008 when Snoop Dogg came on Stewart’s show to make his brownies. Their friendship has grown more and more ever since.

“From 2008 to 2016, I’ve gotten more emails about that episode than any other episode, and it’s great,” said Stewart. “I like to surprise people with who I know.and who i bring people together…and [with this] the public is not shocked anymore.”

“During the VH1 show, Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party,” The culinary duo will share different recipes, techniques, and dashes of personality with each meal all while cooking with a celebrity guest.

“It’s more about her teaching me to be the best chef in the kitchen. I’m good, but she’s going to make me great, and it’s not a competition,” said Snoop.

“Except…” Martha chimed in. “…Except the fried chicken episode,” they both laugh. “Because he thinks he makes better fried chicken and I think I make better fried chicken. His is a 20 minute set up and mine is a two and a half day set up.

Snoop later joked he might add a high of flavor with a few extra spices.

“Well yeah, I have my special herbs and spices I bring to the table and when she’s not looking i like to put them in there, ” laughs Snoop.

In addition to delicious food, musical guests will join the show including Wiz Khalifa, who according to Snoop can’t cook at all, Keke Palmer, Fat Joe, and Robin Thicke to name a few. Both hosts agree that music is the perfect accompaniment to a meal.

“Everything with me is love. It’s the feeling I get back, because its’ the feeling i put into it. Like when I cook, it’s with love and when I perform and do music, it’s with love, so that will be another great component of the show,” said Snoop.

“Yeah, and I drop it like its hott,” Martha laughs.

Following that moment, I had to ask Martha about admitting on the Ellen show her experiences with sexting and flirting.

“ Yeah, I didn’t like that Ellen was so surprised I had [sexted] before…like I’m an old grandma or something,” Martha grinned. Snoop Dogg busted out in laughter, “ Go head’ Martha, sometimes you just gotta let them know,” said Snoop.

After working together in such close corners you can definitely believe the co-hosts walked away with evolved perspectives of each other.

“I learned that [Snoop] is a really nice guy and patient, inquisitive…and clever, thats what I learned,” said Martha.

“Martha is a great teacher, she’s hard on you for the right reason, said Snoop. “And preparation, she taught me preparation is key.”

The pairing continued to chat about how many meals they still want to learn from each other moving forward including Snoop asking Martha to emulate Funyuns chips for him in the future.




Make sure on November 7th, at 10pm ET on VH1 you gather around with friends, family and a notepad because you are definitely in for a treat.


Check out clips from Martha and Snoop’s official Baller Alert Snapchat takeover:


#BallerAlert correspondent @onetakestace got to hang out with @snoopdogg and @marthastewart to talk about their new show debuting November 7 at 10pm on @vh1. Stay tuned for our interview. Check out our snapchat for more videos: ? balleralertcom #snoopdogg #marthastewart #vh1

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