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Don’t Bring Your Issue With Me To Social Media

Social media has led people to believe that they can say anything they want without receiving a response back. Technology has allowed thumb thugs and trolls to hide behind their computers and spew ignorance and hate without consequences. But, many fail to remember that reality is on the other side of the computer screen and things can go from 0 to 100 real quick.


Growing up, most of us have learned that when you have an issue with someone, you let them know how you feel. Nowadays, everyone is a fan of the “subtweet” and “sneak diss,” instead of confronting the issue head on. Why is that? Why do people go straight to social media to express how they really feel about you?


Why waste the energy to vocalize how you feel about someone for the world to see because you are upset for “the moment.” Not only is childish but petty a$$ hell. Majority of the time, you have the person’s contact information, so why not use that get everything off your chest.


When I was in my teens, I would respond with the quickness, hell even ready to fight. But when you get to certain age, it doesn’t even bother you anymore. You realize who deserves to be in your life and who you need to cut off. Don’t feed into the negativity. They are trying to find a way to get a rise out of you. Don’t give them the satisfaction.


Now if you are feeling a little petty, you can respond the following ways and then move on:


– Block them on every social media platform. Watch how quick they rememeber your phone number to ask, “Why did you block me?” Don’t respond lol just block their number too…Done!


– Retweet or comment with “Oh yeah…You could have at least @ me if you had so much to say.”


-Text them to remind them that they have your number…


– “When you’re done looking for people to cosign your foolishness, you know where I stay.”


There are many ways to respond to pettiness, but in the end it is not worth it. I am sure we have all had a few times where people make you step of character. Don’t let someone take you there. Cut them off and let them be ignorant by themselves. If they do not have enough respect to talk to you about an issue they have with you, then they don’t deserve to be in your space.


Have you ever had someone take the issue/issues they have with you and post it on social media? How did you handle it?


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  1. I had a issue with my brothers wife, after he went back to her after cheating and a lot of harsh words spoken back and forth, silly childish post started coming up on his ig page from ugly of course, when I asked my supposedly brother he made up boat loiad of excuses for this ratchet lady. I came to realize both of them don’t deserve shit from me, I’m done I cut both off and I hope I never ever see them again, he is messy just like a chick.

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