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Soulja Boy Accused Of Kicking, Kidnapping and Tying Up Woman Over The Weekend

Fresh off Soulja Boy’s self-proclaimed comeback year, the rapper has been slapped with allegations that, if true, could end it all.

According to TMZ, on Saturday, a woman, who has been identified as Kayla, filed a police report, claiming Soulja Boy kidnapped her. 

Sources say, the woman, who was apparently dating Soulja at the time, was at his house in Agoura Hills on Friday night- but things took a turn for the worse around 2:30 am when she was asked to leave after an argument. 

However, as she attempted to reverse out of the driveway, she clipped the curb, which, in turn, irritated the rapper’s assistant. So, the two allegedly started fighting, and that’s when Soulja emerged from the home. 

While sources close to Kayla say the rapper came out and tried to break up the fight, Kayla claims the rapper punched and kicked while she was on the ground, and then tied her up in the garage for six hours. 

When she was released, she said she went home and phoned officials. The woman was then taken to the hospital for treatment, as she claims she sustained three fractured ribs and a concussion. 

While officials confirmed a kidnapping report and an ongoing investigation, they refused to provide further details.

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