Source Says OG’s “Aggressive” Storyline Stemmed From Behind The Scenes “Basketball Wives” Drama

Last week, ‘Basketball Wives’ aired its season 8 finale, which explored the collective’s longstanding beef with BBW newcomer, Ogom “OG” Chijindu. 

Throughout the season, the ladies shared their individual issues with OG, including her arrogance, aggression, and nosiness, but by the end, the former football player was isolated and branded as the aggressive castmate. However, as the incident unfolded on television, fans came to OG’s defense after she called out the cast and crew for their hypocritical behavior. 

For OG, the fact that she hadn’t laid a hand on any of the castmates, while Evelyn Lozada had a history of violent behavior, including, but not limited to, throwing bottles and drinks, was hypocritical. OG also highlighted Malaysia’s behavior after she threw a table at Jennifer Williams last year, questioning why she hadn’t been labeled aggressive. 

But apparently, according to sources behind the scenes, OG’s aggression extended far behind the television screen. In fact, “The whole thing about OG being aggressive actually started BEHIND the camera,” a source told @bossipofficial. “She’s been harassing Viacom executives behind the scenes as well as execs in the production of offices.”

“During the season, she was constantly cussing out crew members for the most trivial things like cords being on the floor and in the way of her walking,” the source continued. “Or not having her water on room temperature.” 

“She was telling crew members and show execs that she would like to be addressed as Princess because she’s better than everyone,” the source told Bossip. “The aggressive thing didn’t come from nowhere. She caused a huge scene after cussing out TSA at the airport on the way to Costa Rica. THEN she got into a full-blown argument with someone on the plane over a window seat. The aggression storyline stems from a lot of off-camera issues that ended up spilling over onto television.”

Despite the ongoing drama, OG had not been fired from the show. In fact, Shaunie recently revealed that on an Instagram Live, but the source confirmed to Bossip. “There was a time Shaunie personally pulled OG to the side to let her know she appreciated her. She told her she was doing a good job of keeping the dialogue going among the cast for content.”

But, apparently, other castmates weren’t as inviting. 

“She’s told a couple of cast members that she worked really hard to get on “Basketball Wives” and everybody will know her name now that she’s made it,” the source said, adding that “She conjured up this colorist story to get the fan base’s attention.” 

 “She’s been overheard saying that society is extremely sensitive to racism and colorism right now and that’s the narrative she wants to use, so the world knows her name. This is why no one else from the cast has joined her with these allegations because everyone knows it’s not to be true,” the source continued. 

If that wasn’t enough, the source even detailed the drama over the separate set, which was shown in the preview for the reunion. 

“Tami Roman requested to film from another location because she didn’t want to be on set with Evelyn,” the insider told BOSSIP. “So it was put in the budget for production to have two sets. Since there was money being spent on two sets, they wanted to utilize the space where it made sense, so they were going to have Tami, CeCe, OG, and were considering Jackie as well, on one set, then everyone else on the other. It was kind of up in the air until everyone got to the studio that day. Evelyn had also requested not to be on the same set as OG, so it just made sense to put Tami and OG together.”

But when Tami didn’t show up, “Production decided to still have OG, CeCe and possibly Jackie on one set and everyone else on the other,” the source explained. “It was never the plan to have OG sit alone, it strictly was done that way trying to keep everybody happy in terms of Tami not wanting to film on the same stage as Evelyn and Evelyn not wanting to film on the same stage as OG.”

“Nothing was strategically planned around OG,” the source said.

OG Aggressive

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  1. no-one believes any of this bullshit, had this been true all this negative behavior and bad attitude allegations would have been brought to the surface and made public way before now! Because the fans have OGs back, now the so called sources have to try to find another way to tarnish OG’s character. Try again

    • yes i agree with you VONO …. and also Shaunie should be ashamed of herself as well. just bc evelyn is your friend – shaunie is biased and ridiculous as well.

  2. I call BS. This is the best you guys can do? A source said my ass.

  3. So the O’Neals went to Baller Alert to get their dirty work done huh? So y’all on the payroll now distributing lies and BS?!? Shaunie really think viewers are stupid enough to believe this Nonsense? So, this BLACK POWER COUPLE, is now going to put out lies to try to destroy this woman’s character because she dared to speak up for herself? Because she’s telling the TRUTH? Wasn’t there uproar about Shaunie at least a decade ago? Didn’t we hear the “Ling Ling” comment & SEE the pic of the monkey? Yeah, it’s time to shut this show down. It’s time to start a writing campaign to TNT about how Shaq is threatening to get (THAT GIRL) OG fired because she’s speaking out. He fit right in with the others on the PaPa John’s Board doesn’t he?

  4. Lies lies lies #teamOG #fireevelyn

  5. I definitely do not believe this story line. We know that Shaunies circle bullies they did it to Gloria Govan first season. They bullied Royce keisha brandie Meka so we know that the basketball she be called the bully ball wives because Shaunie condones the aggressive behavior and all these ladies have children. Some messy women

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