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Steph Curry Signs Five-Year, $201 Million Super-Max Deal, Richest Deal in NBA History



Back in 2012, Steph Curry signed a four-year, $44 million extension with Golden State Warriors, amid lingering concerns about his ankle injury.

At the time, Curry was aware of the concerns, saying “My ankle was a big factor in the [contract extension] number.” In the previous season, Curry was limited to 26 games with his scoring average dropping to 14.7 points. “They had to protect themselves a little bit,” he said.

Five years later, the two-time NBA MVP has earned his keep, landing the richest deal in NBA history.

According to ESPN, the eight-year veteran has agreed to a five-year, $201 million extension with the Golden State Warriors to become the first Baller in history to sign a supermax contract, crossing the $200 million threshold.

For five consecutive seasons, Curry has led the league in 3-pointers, ranking 10th of all time, emerging as one of the best players in the league.

Congratulations to the two-time NBA MVP, four-time All-Star and three-time All-NBA first team baller, Steph Curry.

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