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Stephen Curry Brings His Championship Swag To Hollywood By Signing New Production Deal With Sony

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For many, Stephen Curry is one of the greatest basketball players in the league. He’s managed to go from being a young draft pick for the Warriors to becoming the face of the Golden State franchise. He’s won three championships in the last four years. It’s obvious, he spends a lot of time on basketball. 

But this summer, he’s trying something different. According to Variety, Curry will not play for a three-week period. While this may not seem like a big deal for some, for Curry, who grew up in a home with an NBA player, it’s unheard of. But he’ll keep busy. 

Curry’s production company, Unanimous Media, signed a recent partnership with Sony that will create films, TV shows, video games, virtual reality projects and consumer products. 


According to Curry, he’ll even appear on camera. 


“I have a corniness to me, a decent sense of humor and charm when I’m in front of the camera,” he said. “I just can’t do voices — that’s it. I’ve got to stay away from that.”


And yes, the NBA Champion knows what you’re thinking, but don’t fret, he’s willing to deter from his squeaky clean image for certain roles. 


“I have seen movies with cuss words before, and I’ve said a couple of cuss words myself,” he joked. 


Unanimous Media was formed in partnership with former Nike brand manager and White House deputy director of digital strategy during the Obama administration, Jeron Smith. 


According to Smith, Curry has a purpose in media. 


“Stephen wants to inspire as many people as possible,” says Smith. “There’s no more effective way to touch broad audiences and inspire as many people than with the sharing and dissemination of content globally.”


And so it’s set, Stephen Curry will join the likes of other NBA stars, like #LebronJames, and try his hand in Hollywood. But one things for sure, Curry still has his focus on the sport that he loves. 


“I have to make sure I’m the best basketball player I can be for the next however long I’m playing,” he said

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