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Stormy Daniels Says She Was “Terrified” of Steelers’ Ben Roethlisberger After Trump Introduced Them and Urged Him To Escort Her To Her Hotel Room in ’06

As part of Stormy Daniels’ attempt to expose Donald Trump and their one-time sexual encounter, the former porn star has dragged a third party into the mix. 

In an exclusive copy of Daniels’ new tell-all book, “Full Disclosure,” obtained by CNN, Daniels detailed the alleged affair with the Celebrity-in-Chief, but also shared an interesting tidbit about the night after. 

According to the former porn star, she met Trump in the VIP section of a nightclub after their alleged rendezvous in 2006, where she was then introduced to Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger. However, by the end of the night, Trump encouraged the quarterback to escort Daniels back to her room. 

“Trump was sitting in a corner with Ben Roethlisberger. Shortly before his twenty-fourth birthday,” she wrote in the book. “They were in mid-conversation, but Trump stopped and smiled at me. He made a kissy face like an invitation, and I just nodded.” 

She said she then sat next to Roethlisberger and the two discussed his recent feat, as well as her own line of work before the two exchanged phone numbers.

“‘Is this your real number or your ho phone,” I asked as I typed. Trump and Ben both laughed, and Ben recited a second number. ‘I’m not gonna call you on your ho phone.’”

“Trump grabbed Ben’s shoulder and leaned in. ‘I told you she was smart,’ he said. ‘What did I tell you about this one?’”

Though Daniels said she had no idea what Trump had told the quarterback about her, he did encourage Roethlisberger to escort Daniels back to her room. 

However, by the time they got to Daniels’ hotel room, things took a turn for the worse. 

“At my door, Ben said, ‘Oh, can I see your room?” She wrote  as she replied, “‘I’m really tired.’” 

“He looked at the [key] card until I put it in, and I didn’t open the door all the way. Just enough for me to slip through. As I got behind it, keeping my face out, I noticed he’d raised his hand to rest it on the door,” she said in the book. 

“He pushed lightly, I pushed lightly. Did he know he was leaning on the door? Was he just steadying himself,” she questioned in the text. But to her surprise, he asked, “Can I come in?” 

Daniels said she maintained that she was too tired to entertain company, which prompted Roethlisberger’s next suggestion. “How about a good night kiss?’”

However, Daniels said she declined, informing Roethlisberger that she was there with Trump but as the baller tried to convince her otherwise, she said she slammed the door in his face. 

“He stood outside, not leaving,” Daniels wrote. “Every now and again he’d knock, rapping his knuckles in a line low along the door. ‘Come onnnn,’ he repeated in a singsong voice. ‘I won’t tell.’” 

The incident left her “terrified,” however, it did come two years before the first sexual assault investigation against Roethlisberger and four years before the second. Both of which the baller denied.

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