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Sylvester Stallone Returns To Stage After Forgetting To Thank “Creed” Director & Co-Stars

The Golden Globes took place on Sunday night. Among the many winners was Sylvester Stallone, who took home the award for “Best Supporting Actor” for his role as Rocky Balboa in “Creed.”  While Stallone took the stage to say his thank you’s, many noticed that he neglected to acknowledge director, Ryan Coogler, or his “Creed” co-star, Michael B. Jordan. It didn’t take very long for most of social media to be up in arms, especially considering the fact Stallone thanked Rocky Balboa, a fictional character.

What many did not see is what happened afterwords. As the telecast cut to commercial break, the 69 year old actor realized his mistake and returned to the stage to finish his acceptance speech, this time thanking booth Coogler and Jordan. 

“You are a brilliant, brilliant filmmaker,” he said of Ryan Coogler. He also thanked his co-stars, Michael B. Jordan (Adonis Creed) and Tessa Thompson (Bianca) by saying that they did all the work and he just hung on. 

“Creed” marks the 7th time Stallone has played Rocky Balboa and the the second time he has received a Golden Globe nomination for his portrayal of the character. The last time was 29 years ago. Stallone dedicated this honor to his late son, Sage, who died in 2012. When asked if Balboa will live on forever, Stallone answers, “No, he certainly will not live on forever, because he represents what life is all about. Unfortunately, we don’t stay here permanently, it’s a cycle. The greatest men in the world have died, physicists, doctors… time is undefeated, I was very prepared in this movie to pass on, so we left it at a point where Rocky is still ailing, and we leave it up to the audience’s imagination. What we do try to project is life is a one-strike baseball game, you get one chance at life and you’d better fight to keep it. Dying is easy, living is hard.”

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