T.I. Drops $78,000 To Settle Lawsuit With Former Restaurant Employees

T.I. has come to a settlement with the former restaurant employees who sued the rapper for withholding overtime payment during their time at his Atlanta-based restaurant, Scales 925.

Ex-employees Avery Lee, Kyle Vargas, Khori Vargas, and Shawn Yarborough filed a lawsuit against T.I. and his business partner, Chris Hughes for failing to provide them overtime pay along with other money damages.



Lee says when he brought his concerns to T.I. and Hughes they challenged his claims, which is highlighted in the suit that mentions T.I. and Hughes violated the Fair Labor Standards Act. However, T.I. and his colleague says they did no such thing.



In the end, both parties came to an agreement: T.I., his partner, and the restaurant will pay $43,000 to cover the plaintiffs’ legal bills, as well as the money damages. Altogether, T.I. and company dropped $78,000 to settle the case. But the settlement also came with terms for the ex-workers, which they agreed to: the employees can never sue T.I., Hughes, or the restaurant ever again, and they won’t hold them responsible for their wage dispute.

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