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T.I. Says ‘Leaving Neverland’ Is Part Of An “Agenda” To “Destroy” Black Culture

T.I. is not having it with the allegations toward Michael Jackson that were shown in the ‘Leaving Neverland’ documentary. The Atlanta native feels that the two-part documentary implies that Jackson performed long-term, sexual encounters with two young boys is an attack towards Black culture. 

T.I. comes to the aid of Jackson during several posts on Instagram, as he acknowledges other white American icons who he thinks should be under investigation as well. 

“Let this man speak for himself to defend his legacy. Don’t just listen to one side and expect to find truth. Oh that’s right…Dead men can’t speak. So what was the point again?,” he wrote on Instagram. “Destroy another strong black historical LEGEND?!?! It’s several examples of pedophilia in American History… if y’all pulling up all our old shit… we gotta examine ELVIS PRESLEY, HUGH HEPHNER, and a whole slew of others guilty of the same if not more!!!”

It didn’t stop there, the rapper shared a 1999 interview between Piers Morgan and Michael Jackson, where Jackson furiously rejected abusing any kid.

“I would slit my wrists before I would [harm a child]. I would never ever,” Jackson stated. “If it wasn’t for children, I would throw in the towel. I would kill myself. I wouldn’t care to live.”

The self-proclaimed ‘King of the South” questioned the cultural concept in another post about men who can’t sacrifice their life to support children, without being upheld. Once again he continues to say that Black culture is being criticized.


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