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T-Pain Slams Fan For Blaming Him For His Brother’s Death

T-Pain is tired of “misinformed” people counting his stacks and thinking that he’s not a charitable man.

In a video posted to social media, the Grammy Award-winning singer addressed the criticisms by explaining that “Any charity or anything I do, I do it under the radar.”

T-Pain took time to break it down to his critics, as some accused him of not spending the money they believe would’ve kept his late brother alive.

T-Pain’s brother had been ill for some time and passed away on February 5th, due to complications from a fall in his home. Back in December of  2018, T-Pain took to Instagram to thank all the people involved with keeping his brother alive and shared that his brother’s hospital costs at that time were more than $1.4 million- that the singer gladly paid.

T-Pain explained in the video that he ended up spending a total of $2.2 million for his brother’s medical expenses and that in the end- his money couldn’t save his brother’s health from deteriorating. He also stressed that people put too much emphasis on money saying “Money don’t fix everything, bruh.”

The singer ended his rant by chastising haters for putting too much power into money. Telling viewers, “if throwing money at a health issue and it’ll be fixed, n*gga- everybody’s alive! We living forever!”

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