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Tabitha Lauren Cries White Tears Over Colin Kaepernick’s Nike Ad Emmy Nomination

In the last three years, Toni Lahron has built her career as a controversial right-wing voice, with overwhelming crappy hot takes. Between ignorantly speaking on issues, such as the Black Lives Matter movement, mainstream media, Beyonce and Jay-Z and more, to attempting to infiltrate the black community under the guise of having “difficult conversations,” the conservative commentator has literally become a thorn one’s side.

In her latest attack on the Black community and culture, Leslie took to Instagram to share, yet, another unsolicited opinion. This time, the 26-year-old reignited her attack on Colin Kaepernick, in regards to his powerful Nike Commercial and its recent Emmy nomination. 

“The Crybaby Kaepernick Nike commercial is nominated for an Emmy,” Lauren wrote, all while wearing a shirt that read, “I don’t kneel.” 

“For what? Best comedy? What a joke,” she continued. “The fact that the Left, the entertainment industry and the mainstream media have lifted that loser to such a high pedestal should make it even more evident what’s at stake in 2020.” 

Although Kaepernick has been out of the league for a several seasons – since he’s taken a knee – his activism and fight for change has left Tami and her conservative counterparts panini pressed (to the point where they’re making t-shirts). SAD! But of course, Twitter did not let her slide, and dragged her by her brown roots. 

“Why do you hate so much,” Corey Reynolds wrote. “Seriously, you’re like 20 something but act like an 80 year old asshole. Who hurt you? Go to a fucking concert or something, you’re young. You weren’t even around for all the nostalgic bullshit you spew. You were born after “Knight Rider.” 

“You complain so much. Maybe you should go back where you came from,” another user wrote, attaching a photo of a “Klan Country” welcome banner.

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