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The Best Platforms For Online Dating

In today’s world, we want everything convenient and at our disposal. Whether it’s how we ingest news, continue our education, or even how we shop; one thing is for sure, it must be easy and fast. The same can be said about dating. While some of us are traditional happenstance …

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Let’s Talk: Dating Multiple People At Once

blogged by @baetoven_ There are many people who view serial dating in a negative way, but in the quick-paced society we live in today, it’s typical for people to date more than one person. For some, it’s the best way to find out what you’re really looking for, it’s time-efficient, …

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Dating Is Too Much: I’ll Settle

– blogged by @baetoven_ One of the funny things about dating is that, no matter what level, it’s hard work. Like anything – a job, other relationships or simply sending a text – it requires some level of effort. But in today’s world where dating never seems to go past …

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Idris Elba Denies Madonna Rumor, Says “Don’t Believe the Hype”

So, if anyone was wondering whether or not Idris Elba and Madonna were a ballerific couple, the actor says “no.” Apparently, the two fueled relationship rumors over the weekend, during a kickboxing match the actor participated in for his latest film. Fans even pulled receipts from a year ago, of the two holding hands on …

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