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Steve Harvey Reveals the Reason Behind His Meeting with Donald Trump


The presidential inauguration is days away and still causing commotion in all aspects. From incomplete documentation to administration nominees dropping out, not to mention the trouble the transition team has to secure performers. Since the election, very few celebrities supported Trump’s transition into the White House. Many, still upset about his devise and inflammatory …

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Floyd Mayweather Says He’s Going To The Inauguration

There will be at least one familiar face at the Presidential Inauguration next week. Floyd Mayweather has sent off his RSVP and says he will be front and center in D.C. to watch Trump accept his new position.   Mayweather says that he doesn’t harbor any ill will towards anyone, including …

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Caitlyn Jenner to Attend Donald Trump’s Inauguration


In nine days, President Obama will step down from his role as the President of the United States to allow President-elect Donald Trump to transitions into the position. However, the technicalities behind the inauguration ceremony are still being sorted out.   While much of Hollywood has declined their invitation to this …

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Trump Aide Resigns After Being Put On Blast By His Baby Mama

Donald Trump isn’t even in office yet and we’ve already gotten our first juicy scandal.   Jason Miller, who was appointed as Trump’s White House communication director, resigned on Christmas Eve after being put on blast by his baby mama, former Mediaite columnist A.J. Delgado, who was also part of Donald Trump’s …

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The Electoral College Votes Donald Trump

Members of the Electoral College began voting on Monday at 10am to determine if Donald Trump would officially be named president- elect.   Four electors in Washington state did not vote for Clinton or Trump. Three cast ballots for former Secretary of State Colin Powell, and one cast a ballot for Faith …

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Trumps Throw Thank You Fundraiser For Hunters & Hillbillies

Donald Trump is expressing gratitude towards those that put him in office by hosting a thank you party. A day after the inauguration, Trump’s sons will be hosting a fundraiser the celebrating hunters, shooters and fishermen that hoisted him into the White House.   The “Opening Day” party will be held at the Walter …

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Trump Dissing Vanity Fair Caused The Magazine To Do Record Numbers

Donald Trump’s Twitter rant against Vanity Fair may have had a reverse effect on the magazine.   On December 14, Vanity Fair wrote a scathing review of Donald Trump’s “Trump Grill,” calling it the “worst restaurant in America.”  The restaurant’s review criticized everything from the decor to menu. “The restaurant …

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