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The Social Media Effect

Are you old enough to remember life before social media? The days of long telephone cords and cordless phones. When you knew everyone’s number by heart and call waiting was the best thing in the world? When you actually went outside to enjoy life versus wasting hours scrolling to see …

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Listen To Your Elders

In this day an age, if you are lucky enough to still have your granny and/or granddaddy around consider yourself blessed. There is nothing like the love, lessons, and traditions gained from the wisdom shared by our elders. Over the years, things have changed a bit, and some grandparents are …

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Do You Suffer From R.B.F (Resting B*tch Face)?

Resting Bitch Face is a habit some of us suffer. Most of us adapt it to ward off “predators,” the kind who seem to cat call and make noises as if you are some type of animal, but then can’t seem to get rid of it despite actually wanting positive …

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What About Your Friends Sis?

“I feel so sorry for women who don’t have “female friends”. When I first saw this tweet by Issa Rae, it really spoke to my spirit and I couldn’t help but wonder, why do so many women have such animosity towards each other? Now, before you hop on the “because bi$!& …

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“You Gotta Use What You Got To Get What You Want” Do Women That Use Their Looks (Or Body) For Financial Gain Have An Advantage Over The Modest Woman In Dating & Success?

Diamond might have said it’s a “Ronnie Hoe Quote” in #PlayersClub but did Ronnie have some truth to her statement, “You Gotta Use What You Got To Get What You Want”? With open sexuality being so prevalent and acceptable these days, women can bank on their looks to get ahead …

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3 Types of People That Need To Be Left In 2017

2018 is all about new beginnings, new goals, and new lessons. While the new year doesn’t mean getting rid of everything from 2017, there are a few kinds of people that should definitely be left behind: ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ The Negative Nancy-We all know somebody who enjoys being the pessimist of …

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