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The Social Media Effect

Are you old enough to remember life before social media? The days of long telephone cords and cordless phones. When you knew everyone’s number by heart and call waiting was the best thing in the world? When you actually went outside to enjoy life versus wasting hours scrolling to see …

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More Than 50 Million Facebook Profiles Were Hacked To Help Trump Gain Votes In Presidential Election; Facebook’s Value Dropped $50 Million and Investors Are Suing; CEO Mark Zuckerberg Finally Breaks His Silence

The same data analytics firm that worked with Donald Trump’s election harvested 50 million Facebook profiles of U.S. voters and used them to create a software that predicts and influences who people vote for. The firm called Cambridge Analytica is the owned by billionaire #RobertMercer, and was formally ran by …

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Why Did My Ex Block Me On Social Media?

Breakups can be the hardest thing to get through for most people. The relationship either ended badly or was a mutual decision. Regardless of how the relationship came to an end though, some former couples rather leave the relationship null and void. The type of relationship you had determines the …

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Let’s Talk: Social Media Etiquette For Thanksgiving

blogged by @baetoven_ Now that you’ve traveled for the holidays, lost 10 pounds in preparation for tomorrow’s big day or indulged in any other Thanksgiving preparation habits, you should be all set. However, in the digital age we live in, it’s also important to remember not to overshare too much …

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Don’t Bring Your Issue With Me To Social Media

Social media has led people to believe that they can say anything they want without receiving a response back. Technology has allowed thumb thugs and trolls to hide behind their computers and spew ignorance and hate without consequences. But, many fail to remember that reality is on the other side …

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10 Twitter Accounts That Will Have You Woke AF

Black History Month is upon us and it’s important to surround yourself with people that will keep your Black Pride at its peak performance. While you are celebrating your blackness offline, Baller Alert has compiled a list of 10 Twitter accounts you should follow that will keep you informed, aware and …

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