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Tamar Braxton Throws Shade At Phaedra Parks For Joining “Braxton Family Values,” Then Goes Live To Say “It Was A Joke”

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Tuesday night, former RHOA peach, Phaedra Parks, announced on “Good Day New York” that she would be joining the cast of “Braxton Family Values,” despite the show currently being on hiatus for contract negotiation reasons.

She will be joining the cast as Traci Braxton’s lady friend and the show will be chronicling their “adventures” together. During the interview, Traci said, “Phaedra and I, you know, we always been in crossing of seeing each other. So when the show was on a little hiatus I continued to work and Phaedra was contacted. She was like, ‘Of course, Traci, I would love to do some adventures with you.’ So we got together and we’ve been having a ball since.”

Traci isn’t going to let her sisters stop her coin so the show must go on…and she chose Phaedra to come along with her.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

But Tamar and the other sisters don’t see the reason to have her on board. So in her usual fashion, Tamar took to social media to voice her opinion with the slightest amount of shade she could muster. In a convo with her sister Towanda, Tamar said “Who’s not a Braxton Towanda? Who? Phaedra Braxton’s not a Braxton? Let’s do a toast to the Braxton wannabes.”



After Tamar received serious backlash on Instagram for her comments, she went Live to clear the air and express she has nothing against Phaedra and it was all in humor. “I have nothing against Phaedra. It was a joke. I called her Phaedra Braxton because you’re doing promos for “Braxton Family Values” and you’re not a Braxton. And that was just…the gist of it. And I’m going to always ride for my sisters and for my family. Everybody has made mistakes in the past. Everybody has said some things that they shouldn’t have said. However, when that happens one day you come to realize that it’s just that one thing that brings everything back together.”

Do you think adding Phaedra to the show is a good move? Will you watch?

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