Ballin' on a Budget: Target Teases New Capsule Collections From Sergio Hudson and More

Ballin’ on a Budget: Target Teases New Capsule Collections From Sergio Hudson and More

Target is collaborating with some favorite designers for the newest collection featuring work wear, sportswear, everyday casual wear, and more which will be available Oct. 9.

Designers Sergio Hudson, La Ligne, and Kika Vargas have been tapped by the “big box” store company. In an exclusive interview with PEOPLE, the designers opened up on the individual collections.

Sergio Hudson talked about transforming his regular high-price collections, averaging $5,000-$8,000, into a collection that everyone will be able to afford.

“I feel like that’s not where I come from. I come from very humble beginnings, and the people in my family who support me shop at Target. So when we were presented with this opportunity, I felt that I could use it as a love letter to those people who have supported me and still would support me if they could.”

La Ligne reimagines a growing brand with the opportunity to work with Target, incorporating youth. In comparison, Kika Vargas is mixing her Columbian heritage into her collection with Target.

Vargas says, “This was a really nice moment to just sit down and bring in all this Colombian heritage — the colors and the warmth — while keeping the collection diverse and inclusive. With the prints, I wanted to bring that inspiration from Colombia. I drew flowers, and then there’s this print inspired by the ocean. We have both oceans, the Atlantic and Pacific, so it’s the corals and such.”

All of the designers’ average price points for such great quality clothes are typically outside the typical Target consumer. Now pieces from the collection will range from $8 to $70, including accessories and clothing.

Vargas’s collection will include mostly dresses, in addition to jackets, sunglasses, bags, and glasses chains. The Columbian fashion designer line normally retails for $600, known for puffy sleeve dresses sold at Saks Fifth Avenue. The main difference with the Target line besides the price point is that “All the dresses have pockets because it’s really important for us to always have pockets.”

La Ligne NYC typically retails for $600, exclusively available on the site. The Target line will carry over a staple to previous collections, stripes! A spokesperson for the brand said, “For us, it’s such an important thing. Through this collection, we just love the versatility of, ‘Here are the stripes that are just with jeans, but then, here they are maxed out.'”

The store line will feature sweaters, wide-leg trousers, and two-toned trench coats.

Finally, Hudson’s typical structured pieces will take on a new role in Target. “The fabrics in this collection are more durable, they’re more accessible, and it’s a more comfortable fit.”

Hudson adds, “You get that Sergio Hudson vibe, but you can wear it for longer periods of time. That’s what I love about it — it’s still those special pops of color and those things that speak to my high collection.” The line will cover matching blazers, monochromatic dresses, coats, and iconic elbow-length leather gloves.

All collections will be available on the Target website and in-store starting Oct. 9, only for a limited time.

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