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Taylor Swift to Launch Streaming Service Website Called “Swifties”


The music streaming service business has been booming, however, many artists still find issue with certain services in regards to their proper payouts.

In an effort to combat the issue, several big name ballers have switched over to alternative services to reap the benefits of their music, i.e. their royalties.

According to TMZ, Taylor Swift is considering a similar alternative option, but instead of allowing someone else to control her payout, she is looking to be in total control by starting her own service.

The singer recently filed documents to brand a website “featuring non-downloadable multi-media content in the nature of audio recordings,” called “Swifties.”

Sources say Swift is sick of fighting with Spotify over her money. Back in 2014, the pop princess pulled her catalog from the streaming service because of their feud over royalties. With her new service, which will also include the sale of instrumentals and special opportunities for her fans, Swift is looking to settle this streaming issue, once and for all.


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