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Teacher Forces 6-Year-Old To Throw Away Shoes For Fidgeting With Them -blogged by @Lexxthatsall

A number of bizarre stories and videos of teachers tending to their young students have surfaced over time.

According to Chartrese Edwards, her 6-year-old daughter Taraji, was a victim of this very type of inappropriate behavior. Taraji is a first grader at Bryson Elementary school in Simpsonville, SC. Last week, Edwards says that Taraji began to cry while she was getting ready for school because she didn’t want to wear a certain pair of shoes.

Once Edwards further questioned her daughter, she was told that Taraji’s teacher had taken her shoes away from her the day prior and made her throw them into the trash. “I was messing with my shoes, and the teacher told me eight times or seven, and I never listened,” Taraji said.

According to the first grader, her shoes were bothering her during class so she kept fidgeting with the straps in an effort to relieve the problem. After being forced to throw her shoes into the trash, Taraji says that she had to walk around barefoot for part of the day. Eventually Taraji was allowed to get her shoes out of the trash an and put them back on, which, according to Taraji, caused laughs and teasing from her classmates.

Edwards says that she and Taraji’s other parent have had a meeting with the school, resulting in the teacher maintaining that she had done nothing wrong. Taraji’s parents have also met with administrators and members of the Greenville County school board.

While no punishment has been issued thus far for the teacher, the district says that she is under investigation and a home-bound teacher has been approved for Taraji.

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