Teen ‘Jeopardy’ Winner Avi Gupta Donates $10k To Cancer Research, Inspired By Alex Trebek’s Diagnosis

In March of this year, ‘Jeopardy’ host Alex Trebek shocked the world by going public with his Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer diagnosis.

Many had no idea the show’s host of 35 years was silently battling with such an illness. Trebek admitted, though tired and often weak from chemotherapy, he still finds a way to push through and host the show that many of us grew up watching.

However, he had no idea this Summer he would meet a teen by the name of Avi Gupta, who said he admired and looked up to Trebek his entire life.

In June, Avi effortlessly crushed the teen ‘Jeopardy’ tournament, taking home a whopping $100,000, and of that $100,000, the Columbia University freshman decided he wanted to give a portion back. According to reports, Avi donated more than $10,000 toward Pancreatic Cancer research.

In a Twitter clip, Avi shared his inspiration for donating, as he explained his actions were motivated by none other than his new buddy Alex Trebek.

Currently, Alex is undergoing chemotherapy and still hosting. He states the only way he’ll quit is if his condition worsens.


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