Tekashi69 Has A Warrant Out For His Arrest While In Jail, Judge “Followed Protocol”

Things have been fairly quiet in entertainment since Tekashi69 has been locked in the feds. As if he couldn’t get in any more trouble, a judge in Houston has decided to add an arrest warrant to his list of legal worries. Yes, an arrest warrant has been issued for the ”Fefe” rapper while he is currently in custody.

Tekashi had a hearing this week in #Houston for the mall attack case, in which he was accused of putting his hands around 16-year-old Santiago Albarran’s neck in a fight earlier this year. The rapper and the teen made peace after the kid showed up for one of Tekashi’s hearings and made it clear he did not want Tekashi to be prosecuted.

The judge was fully aware as to why Tekashi couldn’t make it because he’s in federal custody for more serious crimes but the judge “followed protocol” and issued a bench warrant because he was a no-show.

According to TMZ, Tekashi’s attorney, Carl Moore, claims they rejected a plea deal because they believe the case should have been dismissed now that Albarran no longer wants Tekashi prosecuted. Albarran submitted a written affidavit in the case saying he wanted the case to be dismissed.

Is this another clear case of the justice system doing what the justice system does? Or is this a real technicality?

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