Texas Gunman Kills One Partygoer Before Being Stoned to Death by Crowd

A Texas gunman who killed one person at a gathering met his demise at the hands of the group, which stoned him to death before the police could arrive.

The shocking events unfolded around 1:00 a.m. Monday morning in Fort Worth. A backyard kickback turned hostile when an argument erupted. One man left and returned with a gun shortly after. He began firing, shooting at least one person non-fatally. That is when the attendees at the party took matters into their own hands. They began to pick up “stone pavers” and hit the gunman with them. The group chased the shooter, who managed to turn around and fire more shots at them. He struck at least two more people, one of whom died at the scene. The others who were shot are expected to survive.

Despite killing one of the party-goers, the gunman was overpowered by the group, who repeatedly struck him. He eventually succumbed to his injuries.

Fort Worth Police officer Tracy Carter confirmed that the shooter lost his life due to the stoning, though investigators are still trying to piece together exactly how the circumstances unfolded.

All of the people involved in the deadly night knew one other. However, none of their names have been made public at this time.

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