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That’s Baller: $1,200 Hermes Series 3 Apple Watch

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Apple has done a great job of making sure that even though their price point is a bit higher than their competitors, they are still on top in terms of culture, style, and ingenuity.


With an array of devices like, they are still pumping out these great products for everyone, yet have found a way to distinguish the elite from the simpletons.


The retail prices for an original Apple Watch are starting at $300. If you enjoy the luxurious things in life, You can purchase a Hermes Apple Watch for prices starting at $1,200.  Now, #ThatsBaller!


The Hermes timepieces do the same thing as their less branded counterparts except it has a stainless steel structure with the Hermes logo on the backside, paired with interchangeable Hermes bands, and a unique Hermes watch face.


If you already own an Apple Watch you can pimp yours out Of course!  You can buy just the bands for a lower price of $400 to $600.

Even though this is an expensive Apple Watch, it is a really inexpensive Hermes watch, as their prices start in the 3K range.

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