That’s Baller: Take Flight In A G6

In the world of ballerdom, there are levels. “Six -star pent suites, VVS cuff links”, fox-fur falsies, world renown trainers and chefs, personal shoppers; it’s a life most can only dream. Then there are the drivers and first-class flights many gawk after. Some live a life of comfort and others ball all the way out. Some ballers book first-class flights and then there are those that own the first-class aircrafts. That’s right, move over upgraded flights and private jet charters, life in this baller lane requires you to own the aircraft instead of booking it. Get into the ultra opulent and incredibly luxe G650 by Gulfstream.

Nothing says baller like the G650. Wealthy individuals like Warren Buffet and Oprah Winfrey consider this aeronautical toy a tool of everyday travel. There isn’t a bag limit or fee associated with flying this way. Stale cookies and salty peanuts with flat sodas are officially a thing of the past. Say “hello” to real cabin space. This super magnificent creation has all the bells and whistles. Coming in on average of $65 million, owning a G650 isn’t for those just entering ballerdom. The jet’s pilots average nearly six-figures a year each, if not more depending on his/her experience. In fact Quora detailed the annual fixed costs associated with operating a G650. Its nearly half a million dollars annually to store, fly , train the crew and insure the aircraft. Couple that with the hourly variable costs of nearly $4,000 per hour, owning a G650 requires that long loot.

Being able to be configured to seat 11-18 passengers, the G650 can be appointed to the owner’s taste. No two interiors will be the same unless the owners decide for it to be that way. From camel hair carpet, to plush leather seating, burwood appointments and more, the G650 spells baller.  Spend the night in Houston, wake up in LA for breakfast.

Balling isn’t fair. #ThatsBaller

-Niko Rose

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