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The Eyes Are The Window To The Soul By: @milagreee

The longer he looks into your eyes the more he is interested in you. If he cant look into your eyes enough, there is a chance that he just wants to conquer you. After that, he will leave you.” Says someone extremely intelligent.

Someone who wants to know you, beyond the passion of your two naked beings tied together wont cut your gaze. He wont tell you that your glare is too intense, he wont tell you to stop staring at him. Someone who wants to know what wakes you up in the morning, someone who wants to know why your heart beats, and why you think the way you do. Someone who cares how you feel and why you feel the way you do, wont disconnect his focus from you. In fact, he will meet and match your gaze because he wants to know you.

I have tested this theory, time and time again. Without me really even knowing what this man was interested in, I gazed into his eyes. Now, my gaze is a strong one but no one who really wants to know me is going to divert their gaze from mine because they want to know who I am. The eyes are the window into the soul. A man that wants nothing to do with you, doesnt want you to see into his soul.

I shouldn’t say doesn’t want anything to do with you, I should say a man that wants to sleep with you wants to keep you at a distance. I have gone out with men that directly told me to stop staring at them. HA. That date was over before it started. The conversation that followed basically summed up to him telling me that he wasn’t looking for anything serious, just wanted to have fun while he found himself.

Like I always say, a respectable man will tell you inadvertently what he wants from you without flat out saying “look, were just going to sleep together so don’t get attached to me.” The other immature boys will avoid the topic completely.

I have gone on dates with me who flat out gaze right back at me, as if they’re trying to find out more about me simply by staring into my soul through my eyes. That alone tells me that they are interested in knowing who I am as a person, not just what I look like naked.

I had a guy get mad at me, im not joking, really mad because I tested my staring theory with him. He literally was like “why do you do that, its so annoying.” That ended faster than it started. It was an easy way for me to find out his intentions without having to ask or without him having to tell me, although I would put money on it that that scum bag wouldn’t have told me anyway.

The moral of this story is that the eyes are the window of the soul, and if the guy you are seeing isn’t interested in your soul, than the odds are he is just interested in what you can do naked. 

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