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The Feds Are Digging For More Sex Tapes On R. Kelly And Claims Of Human Trafficking

Feds are ramping up their investigation on R. Kelly in Illinois, by looking for more sex tapes to allegedly show him with underage girls.

Prosecutors in the case are said to be doing everything they can to find footage.

Sources tell TMZ, the U.S. Attorneys office for the Northern District Of Illinois is hunting for close associates of Kelly to interview in an effort to find more tapes that show the singer allegedly engaging in sexual activity with minors.

Rumors have always circulated that Kelly has an extensive collection of tapes floating around, but law enforcement agents have never been able to get their hands on any.

The Feds are also building another case against Kelly in Illinois, which is reported to be an investigation into human trafficking of young women.

This case is separate from the other open investigations, including the ones in New York.

R. Kelly Loses Judgement
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