The Ultra-Rich Are Ruining The Hamptons According To The Less Rich

The Hamptons have always been recognized as the playground for the rich. Now the wealthy residents of the area have a new problem to contend with: the ultra-rich. Let’s face it; it’s a problem most of us wish we had. 

According to a one-percenter, there’s so much money there now it’s “nauseating.” The locals are blaming the pandemic for the explosion in summer crowds. Some residents say it’s so hard to relax that they are looking forward to returning to Manhattan.

“There’s such a frenzy in the Hamptons right now. Everyone wants to party. There’s a lot going on. Every time I go back to New York, I can’t wait to get back so I can relax. It’s very nice, but I go back to sleep a little. It’s a lot like that now,” socialite Jean Shafiroff told Page Six.

The party scene is in such a frenzy that some choose to stay in and forgo rubbing elbows with celebrities. Some are even preparing to head home early this year.

A source familiar with what’s happening in the area told the outlet that some restaurants have become so exclusive that you need a special number to get a table. Or, you have to know someone that can get you in. Otherwise, they don’t even bother answering the phone anymore.  

And along with the influx of the uber-rich, prices have increased dramatically. Rental prices are through the roof, as are food costs. A 25-year-old described a one-mile Uber trip costing $60 due to the surge in demand.

“It’s so expensive; there’s no more livability. It’s all about tablescaping and costuming,” longtime resident Kathryn Kellinger told Vanity Fair. “It’s fever pitch now.”

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