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Are Things Getting Serious Between Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez? 


Jenny from the Block and former New York Yankee, Alex Rodriguez, seem to be heating up, so sources say.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have been dating “for about two months,” and things seem to be getting serious. So much so, that in a comparison between the MLB Baller and the singer’s ex-beau Drake, sources say she’s much happier with A-Rod.

“He’s a better fit,” an insider tells Us Weekly, listing the couples’ similarities, adding that they are both from the Big Apple, they are both Latino, parents, and they are both reportedly ready to settle down. Apparently, with each other.

“They definitely see a future together,” the source tells the publication.

Over the weekend, reports surfaced of the two dipping off for a romantic weekend getaway in the Bahamas. While their relationship is still on the low, JLo dropped a teaser on Instagram earlier this week by posting a blurry selfie with the new beau but deleted it shortly after.

What do we think of this new couple? What is their name? J-Rod? ALo? Alennifer Lodriguez?

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