Things Your 30-Year-Old Self Should Not Still Be Doing

Remember when you turned 16? That was the first a pivotal moment in your life; when your parents may (or may not) have given you more responsibility and more freedom.

Then came 18…you’re “legally” grown now! 21? We just wanted to drink alcohol and not have to hide it. 25? You can rent a car without extra fees now. But 30! Oh, 30. THAT is when things get really real and society’s expectations of you are on a pedestal.

Every false move you make you hear, “Now, you’re too old to be doing that.” Well, there are a few things you definitely shouldn’t still be doing by the time you turn the Dirty 30. Let’s talk about a few.

-Seeking approval from other people.

-Keeping stagnant people around out of convenience or loneliness.

-Building up debt. It’s time to pay it back, not make it worse!

-Not prioritizing your mental and physical health.

-Initiating or participating in drama.

-Broadcasting drunk nights on social media.

-Ignoring 401k/life insurance packets when you get them in the mail.


-Holding on to your high school identity

-Having side chick/n**ga aspirations

The list could go on, but what are some things you would add to this list? Once you hit 30, what behaviors do you think should be left in your 20s?

Things Your 30-Year-Old Self Should Not Still Be Doing

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