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Tiffany Haddish Joins Ebro On Hot 97 To Discuss Her Dating Criteria, Working On SNL, Patching Things Up With Katt Williams And More!

One of the newest and brightest stars in comedy today, #TiffanyHaddish stopped by #Hot97 to talk about EVERYTHING (G-Herbo voice)! 

Her conversation with Ebro and the crew started with dating, where she laid out exactly what she is looking for and what she is not looking for. She stated her prospects cannot have any kids, has to have good credit, their own career, be a “survivor” and must know how to change their own tire.

She also told the story of how she fixed her own transmission on her old Geo Metro and can do many other handy-man projects herself so there’s no way she can be with a man who can’t do the same. Tiffany even admitted to having 38 bodies…can’t get anymore more real than that folks.

Tiffany touched on her dream come true opportunity, working on #SNL and how ironically, the experience was frustrating for her. She said she had auditioned for Saturday Night Live a few times prior to actually being invited on the show but she didn’t expect it to be that hard when she finally made it. Haddish said, “This sh*t is hard, I would lose my motherf***in’ mind in there.” The way the other talent prepared and how the crew operated, she compared it to a machine. They of course already had their own formula after 40+ years on air and she didn’t have any control. “This is a machine, I am just a little oil in it right now to keep it moving.”

Haddish talked about wanting to do a sequel to one of her favorite movies, “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” as well as doing a movie centered around Madam CJ Walker. She said she has already written two pilots on the journey of female comedians and would hopefully like to have her own production studio one day. 

She went on to mention that the new #TylerPerry movie “Nobody’s Fool” was made just for her and that she laughed out loud while reading the script. Oh, and she was given a #Tesla by Perry too!

Then, of course, #KattWilliams was brought into the conversation, to which Tiffany had no issue clearing the air on what’s happened since the infamous blowout with her fellow comedic counterpart. She said they were friends prior and that Katt knows her ex-husband. While laughing, she stated, “he knew damn well I wasn’t married to no white man.” Tiffany said she feels like all talk is promotion so as long as all facts are stated, it doesn’t bother her. She said, “I don’t care if you talk mess about me, just make sure you got your facts straight.” Her and Katt Williams remain friends and all is good.


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