Toni Braxton’s Ex-Husband, Keri Lewis, Responds To Toni’s “Men Are The New B**ches” Comment On “Red Table Talk”

Keri Lewis from 90s R&B group Mint Condition has remained pretty low key throughout the years after his divorce from R&B superstar, Toni Braxton. Despite the way he has been portrayed in many different outlets, like Toni’s Lifetime movie, BraxtonFamilyValues and Toni’s book, Lewis has remained silent…until now.

Braxton was recently on “Red Table Talk” with Jada Pinkett Smith and Jada’s mom Adrienne Banfield Jones discussing divorce. She revealed that she had to pay her ex-husband Keri Lewis alimony, and she stated, “Men are the new bitches.”

She said, “Yes. I had to pay alimony. I was one of those girls… I was very, very angry about that. But it was because we had an existing prenup and post-nup. I wanted to renege; I’m going to be honest… I went through this whole phase, ‘Ooo men are the new bitches.’ That’s how I felt.”

Lewis responded to that reference in a recent Instagram post, stating that not only did he not want his ex’s money but when the prenup was set up by her legal team, he never got a lawyer to follow up.

The caption on his post reads, “In light of my ex-wife’s comments on ‘@RedTabletalk’ regarding our divorce, men receiving alimony from women, I feel the need to address and shed light on the matter, as the impression is being made that I came for her finances and or wasn’t there for Toni. Let me start by saying that I really loved Toni… In addition, when she became ill, I did everything I could to take care of her,” he added. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

He went on to say, “To give insight to the alimony payments, Toni’s attorneys suggested she have a prenuptial agreement put in place prior to our wedding, and they drafted one as they saw fit. Because of my love for her and being optimistic of marriage lasting forever, I didn’t feel the need to have an attorney, as I wasn’t going to contest anything in the prenup,”  “Fast-forward to 2012 after separating, I moved out and at some point later, Toni mentioned to me that the payments set in the prenup would start being deposited into my account. I received alimony for around three years between 2012 and 2014,” Keri continued.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

He ended by addressing the “b**ch” comment, “In addition, while I often did not agree with the creative liberties that were taken in representing our relationship (Toni’s Book, Lifetime movie, ‘Braxton Family Values,’ ‘RedTableTalk),’ we are raising two sons and it can never be to the degree of her referencing me as a bitch.. That’s a problem.”

Do you think Toni’s comment was taken out of context or do you think “she said what she said” (Nene Leakes voice)?

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