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Transphobic Or Naw? Ginuwine Refused To Kiss Transgender Woman On TV

– blogged by @lanaladonna

On a recent episode of “Celebrity Big Brother UK,” singer Ginuwine refused a kiss from housemate, India Willoughby, who is a transgender woman.

Because of his actions, Ginuwine is receiving widespread backlash on social media. The debate over whether or not Ginuwine is transphobic or not has caused quite the controversy.
Some are calling him a bigot and claiming Willoughby as a victim of unfair treatment on live television.
On the other hand, others are defending him, saying nothing is wrong with the way he handled the situation.
Users are also comparing and contrasting the incident to integrated relationships, as well as sexual harassment allegations on India’s end.

What are some of your thoughts? Are these allegations a reach?

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  1. They are framing all of this GAY stuff sown our throats! I stand w Ginuwine. Damn, let that MAN BE A MAN!

    • Even if she were born a woman did anyone think she’s not attractive to him. Everyone has a right to likevwhom they want room I’m black and I don’t want to date a lot of black men. I’m not racist it’s just My preference. Many black men don’t date black women again it’s all about preference. They making way too much of this.

  2. *cramming (not framing)

  3. Genuine has a constitutional right to say hey i don’t want to do this or that. The fact this is a conversation is very sad. You can’t force ideology or a lifestyle down someone’s throat. Lets allow people the space to live their truth whatever that may be. Trying to marginize Genuwine is just wrong.

  4. So the LGBT community get to sexually harass people and if they get turned down the person is homophobic in what world does that make sense

  5. Transphobic sorry but it’s still idiotic

  6. I totally stand with Ginuwine. How is this MAN, and yes I do mean MAN, is gonna get man, or offended if someone don’t want to be with him. Everybody is not into all this GAY stuff people are trying to push on everybody. Ginuwine has a right to kiss or not to kiss someone who ask him for a kiss.I say this, MAN go on with that gay shit, I’m sure there are lots of other men’s that won’t have a problem with kissing another man. IDIOT.

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