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Trump On The Hunt For The Person Who Tweeted Inauguration Crowd Comparison Photo


Since the presidential election, Donald Trump has been obsessed with the numbers that led him to a bewildering victory over Hillary Clinton. While failing to acknowledge his historic loss of the popular vote, the celebrity-in-chief has falsely reiterated that his electoral college victory was the largest since Ronald Reagan.

After his inauguration, Trump continued to spread falsehoods concerning the crowd turnout, saying media outlets were understating the size of his audience. But when the National Park Service’s official twitter account posted a side-by-side view of Trump’s crowd compared to President Obama’s 2009 turnout, Trump lost it.

After the post, which was soon deleted followed by the brief suspension of the account, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer sent an email saying the White House did not demand the retweet to be taken down nor did they ask for the accounts to be suspended. However, in a newly released email by the National Park Service in response to a Freedom of Information Act request, Trump was reportedly “concerned” about the post, CBS News reports.


“Obviously, this has become a very sensitive issue, especially since the President has gotten directly involved and contacted Acting Director Mike Reynolds concerned about one of the images that was retweeted,” the Chief of Digital Strategy at the National Park Service wrote on Jan. 21 to the agency’s Chief of Information Security Officer.


In addition to the email, the plan to track down the person responsible for the retweet was released in a memo, as part of the Freedom of Information Act request, as well. The agency tracked the IP address and checked all social media accounts and points of contact, to conclude that the account had been compromised.



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