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Trump To Sign Revised Travel Ban Removing Iraq from Banned List



On Monday, Donald Trump is expected to sign a new executive order in place of the controversial #MuslimBan, which has been blocked by federal courts. This time, Trump will strike Iraq from the list of countries barred from the United States and alter the controversial aspects of the previous order.


In the new travel ban, the remaining Muslim-majority nations will include Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria, Sudan and Yemen, all of which will be subject to a 90-day ban on travel to the United States, Reuters reports.


Iraq has been removed from the revised travel ban after working with the states to implement additional screening of their citizens to crack down on ISIS.


As for the new executive order, the details have been altered to prevent the chaos that occurred in the wake of the previous controversial ban. This time, the White House says the new ban will have a built-in delay on the restrictions to limit the inconvenience for travelers, which will be put into effect in 10 days, on March 16. Also, the new ban will protect legal permanent residents and green card holders, who were targeted and inconvenienced in the previous executive order, as well as refugees, who are “in transit” and have already been vetted and approved to enter the states, Reuters reports.  


Trump’s first attempt to implement a travel ban resulted in over two dozen lawsuits, however, with the alterations Trump hopes to win in the battle against the opposed.  

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