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Trump Sued for Blocking Twitter Users 



In the first six months of his presidency, Donald Trump has been hit with several lawsuits over his attempt to implement divisive rules and regulations, including the controversial travel ban. Now, the Donald is facing yet another lawsuit, this time, for allegedly violating the Constitution.


According to The Hill, seven Twitter users, who are being represented by the Knight First Amendment Institute, filed a suit on Tuesday, claiming they’ve been blocked by Trump. In the suit, the institute argues that Trump’s “viewpoint-based blocking” is unconstitutional and “imposes an unconstitutional restriction on their participation in a designated public forum.” In turn, the institute asked a judge to rule Trump’s actions unlawful and force him to unblock the users and pay their legal fees.


“The First Amendment applies to this digital forum in the same way it applies to town halls and open school board meetings,” the Knight Institute told reporters. “The White House acts unlawfully when it excludes people from this forum simply because they’ve disagreed with the president.”


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