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Trump’s Impeachment Odds Spike After Donald Trump Jr.’s Emails



After Donald Trump Jr. released emails that showed him arranging a meeting with a Russian government lawyer to discuss incriminating information against Hillary Clinton, the odds of Trump Sr. being impeached in his first term have increased dramatically.

According to Irish bookmakers, Paddy Power, the odds that Trump will be impeached in his first four years are 4/6 following Trump Jr’s recent disclosure. This means, there’s about a 60% chance that Trump will be successfully impeached by both the House and the Senate.

In addition, Paddy Power reported that there is a 33 percent chance that Trump would be impeached in 2017, adding that there is a 69 percent chance that the FBI will find official evidence of collusion between Trump and Russia.

Aside from collusion, Trump has also been accused of obstruction of justice, which is an impeachable offense. However, according to reports, a successful impeachment requires a majority vote in the House and two-thirds majority in the Senate, which are both currently controlled by the Republican Party.



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