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Trump’s Labor Secretary Pick, Andy Puzder, Withdraws Nomination


Like many of Donald Trump’s cabinet picks, his choice for Secretary of Labor, Andrew Puzder, faced major resistance. But instead of disapproval exclusively from the opposing political party, the disdain came from the GOP and conservative organizations,  all of whom were concerned about the nominee’s personal business and business history.

The widespread disapproval came as a result of allegations, which have since been recanted, that he had abused his ex-wife. Puzder also faced criticism for his sexist advertisement campaigns via his restaurant chains.

After a week of public examination and condemnation, it was initially reported that the nominee planned to withdraw his nomination for Trump’s cabinet. Now, according to CNN, the nominee has officially withdrawn his nomination as he continued to lose support in the Senate.

Although, reports revealed that Puzder’s withdrawal came as a direct result of the investigation into his past, which he said had been taking a toll on him; it also comes on the same day that a video of his ex-wife surfaced, detailing her alleged abuse.

Lisa Henning, who now goes by Lisa Fierstein, appeared on the Oprah Winfrey show years ago to discuss domestic violence. At the time Fierstein withheld her ex-husband’s name, saying that he threatened retaliation after she came forward with the abuse claims.

“Remember my ex-husband was a public figure. Everyone knew him and knew what he was doing,” Fierstein said in the interview. “And once I made that public, he vowed revenge, he said ‘Ill see you in the gutter, this will never be over, you will pay for this.”

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