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T.S. Madison Claims Nicki Minaj Was Interested In Backing “The Queens Court” For TV

Back in 2002, Khia released her raunchy smash hit, “My Neck, My Back (Lick It)” from her debut album, “Thug Misses.” 15 years later, the Florida-bred rapper shelved her music career and began hosting a weekly gossip web series titled, “The Queen’s Court,” alongside her friend TS Madison.

The show became a hit, garnering over 300,000 views per video. As the show’s dishonorable judges, the two talked pop culture, celebrity gossip and “all things scandalous and shady” in their uncensored and unfiltered roast show.

But now, after a decent run, there seems to be some trouble in the Queen’s Court, as the dishonorable duo – Khia and TS Madison- have split.

It all started earlier this month during a Skype interview with Mo’Nique over her efforts to boycott Netflix on the grounds of gender bias and color bias. However, things took a turn for the worse when technical difficulties plagued the hit show, sparking an argument between the two hosts.

The argument led to a live-streamed fall out between the two, which ignited chatter about the break up of Khia and Madison. As the incident made its rounds on the Internet, the dishonorable duo released tit for tat videos explaining their sides of the drama. But, things got a bit interesting when Madison took to social media to bring the facts of the matter.

First, Madison cleared the air about “The Queens Court” trademark. Apparently, Madison had been accused of stealing “The Queens Court” after she bought the rights to the name. However, according to Madison, the deal was set in place to protect the brand that the two of them built together, even giving Khia the option to pay her half. But-Madison says she has yet to see the money.

In any case, Madison continued with her explanation for the trademark, adding that the brand was growing so big that Nicki Minaj wanted a piece of the pie.

“On April 21, 2017, at 4:30 a.m. Nicki Minaj hit me in my inbox,” Madison said. “Nicki Minaj said to me, ‘Hi, are you and Khia interested in doing TV? Send your contact number.’”

After the two discussed the idea, Madison said they got all the way up to the point of contracts, but the opportunity was ultimately spoiled because Khia “don’t like to f*ck with nobody.” However, Madison claimed she continued to make moves to build and protect the brand.

“Bottom line, we dealing with facts,” Madison said.

Check out TS Madison’s full story below:

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