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Twitter Uncovered A 2014 Travis Scott Interview Where He Said Mike Brown “Deserved To Pay For Consequences He Probably Inflicted” And Discussed “The Problem With Black People”

It’s been a great year for Houston rapper  Travis Scott, and from his humble beginnings, he sure has come a long way. But the internet (specifically Twitter) has a way of reminding people of their past and recently, social media dug up a 2014 Hot97 interview with Scott, in which he discussed his views on the Mike Brown situation and black people in general.

During the interview, radio host Ebro asked Scott how he felt about Ferguson and how hip-hop effects the youth culture. Scott replied, “I’m kind of angry, so many black people are acting like fake activists…I’m not saying he deserved to get killed. But I’m not saying that he didn’t deserve to pay for consequences he probably inflicted.” He then goes on to talk about “the problem with black people” being that there always has to be a disruption when something like the Ferguson situation happens. He said, “And I know we’re like ‘fed up’ quote/un-quote, with whatever is going on in culture…but at the same time, you gotta just stop putting yourself in positions where you’re continuously having this situation go down.”

As the conversation continued, Travis also spoke about the influence hip-hop artists have on kids and how Kanye West has helped try to “tailor” Black people. He said artist similar to himself, naming Kid Cudi, Tyler The Creator and Young Thug, use their music and visuals to teach the younger generation, unlike some unnamed older artists who “front” and use kids as profits to “fund their lives.” In regards to Kanye, Scott said, “Let’s get people out of baggy pants and put them in fitted clothes…let’s tailor black people up, so we don’t look all hood.”

Does it make sense now as to why Trav agreed to perform at the Super Bowl Halftime Show? Maybe he just isn’t as down with the movement as his fellow hip-hop artists assumed when it comes to standing up for a black cause? What do you guys think of this interview?

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  1. So saying stop looking raggedy and acting a fool means you’re not down for the black cause?

    What exactly is the black cause in that case?

    He’s saying dress well, and act in a responsible manner…how does that go against the black cause?

    • umm he is an avid drug abuser and he dresses like a damn fool too so idk what your tlking about lol! He has no right to talk about anyone because he isnt doing anything positive for black youth

    • Malcolm x and Martin taught the same things dress up act right and y’all boy pill cosby. Did it work for them? Just asking?

      • umm You Mean Bill cosby a man who was falsely charged unlike the millions of pedos and rapist in the industry doesnt see the inside of a court room..IE wientstien and just think there was actually audio and proof unlike with cosby in which they violated all his rights just to cosign this fake narrative..and please dont mention martin or malcolm in which both were assassinated in this country so please cut it out

    • why does black folks have to change there dress code and all kinda shit just for white folks to stop killing us? U sound crazy…its like telling a rape victim to dress accordingly..at the end of the day blacks have always been taken advantage off and not once have white folks been held accountable for there actions…in regards to mike brown suggesting his murder was justified is a damn shame..how many more dash cam footage have to be release of white folks physically harming officers and not leaving with a scratch..cmon yalll when will the fuckery stop…i guess that kardashian blood rubbing of on him

  2. Being honest, he is from Texas. Black people from Texas have that mentality of know your place.

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