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Tyga Sued AGAIN Over $2 Million He Owes, Accused Of Hiding Profits In Other Businesses


Tyga has been hit with another lawsuit, this time, for trying to finesse his ex-business partner out of the $2 million he owes her.

According to TMZ, Chuon Guen Lee is accusing the rapper of hiding millions in several new companies to keep from paying up the millions he already owes from a previous lawsuit.

Back in 2015, Lee sued the rapper for stealing a t-shirt idea for the Last Kings Company. The judge ruled in favor of Lee and ordered Tyga to pay $1.9 million.

However, after failing to cough up the full payment, the $1.9 million judgment ballooned to $2,148,411, according to TMZ. Lee filed new documents in August asking a judge to help retrieve the payment, as she hasn’t been able to track down the rapper.

Now, after two months, Lee is tired of waiting. According to TMZ, she filled new legal docs accusing the rapper of holding out on her. She says he launched several new companies to hide the profits from the Last Kings t-shirt business. But, according to Lee, Tyga is making about $450k a month.

As a result, TMZ says Lee is suing to get “a full accounting of the rapper’s revenue, from all the companies, and void the transfer of money to them.”

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  1. He better have a good CPA that can cook books if he doesn’t want to pay. And don’t be stupid like 50cent & flaunt money when you claiming you don’t have none! SMH

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