Tyla- Simone, The 15-Year-Old Self-Made ‘Saucey’ CEO

Tyla-Simone Crayton’s got the sauce! Literally. 

Crayton’s love for food was all the inspiration she needed to start her own business. The 15-year-old is the owner of “Sienna Wings,” a start-up wing and sauce business. She started out in her mother’s kitchen making and selling the homemade tangy products. Two years later, she partnered with a co-packer to ship thousands of bottles around the country.

“Now since the social media aspect…we’ve been getting so many followers from all over the world and [are] shipping to so many other states,” says Tyla-Simone.

The popular sauce, though known for its use on wings, is virtually great on everything. The teenage CEO explained her goal is to “replace ketchup, basically.”

Crayton has had consistent support for her business but admitted she was still surprised by its great success. Especially since the idea was originally birthed when she was 8-years-old. After her favorite Brooklyn-based restaurant closed down, she used the remembrance of their famed wing sauce to recreate what she was missing. She ironically ended up “coming up with the tangy sauce, and it was better than theirs.”

None of her ventures take away from her education either. As an honor student at Ridge Point High School with plans to go to college for Business, she encourages everyone to follow their dreams no matter the timing.

“It is never too early to start. Don’t think you have to wait until a certain age to get your ideas heard. I think the most important thing is to be happy and passionate about what you are doing.”

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