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Ultimate Baller Baby: Princess Charlotte Is Worth Over $3.8 Billion

At just two years old, Princess Charlotte of Cambridge is worth over $3.8 billion, more than her big brother, Prince George.


Prince George, 3, the heir to the British throne, is worth $3 billion, while the tots’ mother, Kate Middleton is worth $6 billion.


Why is baby Charlotte worth so much? According to E! News, it’s because she’s so darn fashionable. The publication reports that whenever she or the Duchess of Cambridge grace the pages of magazines, they are more likely to inspire people to buy the outfits and brands they wear than Prince George. For example, British department store, John Lewis, sold out of their printed yellow cardigan just 24 hours after a new photo of Princess Charlotte wearing the sweater was published.


How long will Charlotte be the most Ballerific Baller Baby there is? It’s hard to say since it appears as she gets older, her net worth decreases. In 2015, at just 4 months old, the little princess was worth $5 billion. Her big brother was worth $3.6 billion at the time.

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  1. She is Royalty.

    This site was hott when it focused on groupies and sports gossip. Yall wack as ever now. (The groupies ish was wack but entertaining as watching hoodrats fight in inappropriate places ever is).

    This story is reminder of why BA is not a hot desk vacay site anymore.
    1) British Royalty is NEVER balling. They’re royalty. They don’t hustle or grind to have anything THUS
    2) (in case yall never knew what balling was anyway over at BA cuz ur abt groupie shxt;;;not balling) – Princess Charlotte could never ball.


    &certainly doesn’t deserve to be posted on a former sports groupie blog like she’s another target for your groupie ways.

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