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Unapologetically Single; Taking Time To Focus On Self

Many of us have consistently found ourselves in relationships without taking time to focus on self. After being in one relationship, we go into the next hoping to fulfill something that was missing from the previous relationship. Often, we jump into these relationships because of the fear of being alone. But, rather than fearing to be by ourselves, we need to think about how we can better self. Doing so will improve what we offer individually in the next relationship.
Being single can be amazing. You have the opportunity to do things that you didn’t get the chance to do when you were in a relationship. When you take the time to work on yourself, no one else matters, but you. Everything that you want to pursue or work on, it’s time to make those moves for you.
There’s nothing wrong with being selfish and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Sometimes we have to do what’s best for us. Taking time away from relationships allows us to prepare or better ourselves for the next person to cross our path.
If people can’t respect your decision to be alone and to focus only on yourself, they are apart of the problem. Don’t let anyone interfere with what you have going on. Remember, if you don’t put yourself first, no one else will.

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